Read carefully before contacting Me.


Do not be late. I do not tolerate tardiness. Any minute late is a minute less of your session.


First and foremost, I am concerned with the safety and well-being of My clients. I take that very seriously. Inform Me beforehand of any health issues you might have.


As part of safety, W/we will spend time discussing what areas you are willing to explore, and your limits. you will find My boundaries on this site. Read them carefully before contacting Me.


I expect you to be clean, with fresh-smelling breath and clean hair. Any less shows a lack of courtesy to Me. It is entirely acceptable to freshen up before O/our appointment as part of your scheduled time.


Arrive dressed as if you were attending an appointment or lunch meeting. Any items that you decide to bring for the session should be carried as discreetly as possible.


Location will be discussed once the session is granted.




  • I do not engage in nudity or sex. If you want that, go elsewhere.
  • Nothing illegal.
  • No body worship above the knee.
  • No drugs, alcohol, or smoking. The only mind-altering substance you need in the session is Me.
  • No minors or animals. Consensual adults only.
  • No anal play.
  • No face sitting.
  • No brown showers, no golden showers, no bodily fluids.
  • No pictures or video of the session.
  • Nothing that ends in –job.
  • These are hard boundaries and non-negotiable.

If you want to see Me, then do the following:

Respect My time, and I will respect yours.

Respect My boundaries, and I will respect yours.

Be willing to submit. Or – if you are a beginner – have an open curiosity about your sexuality and a willingness to put yourself in My hands.

I’m accepting subs of any age, sex, and race as long as you have a true desire to serve – but I love subs that really take care of themselves.

Also, it’s not a requirement, but men in suits please Me especially.